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A festive Christmas book collecting four cadenced Christmas tales that capture the heart and spirit of Christmas. Illustrated by the brilliant and talented artist, Alejandro Mesa, children and adults will fall in love with the illustrations and characters in this book.


Maki, a ring tailed lemur, hears the story of Christmas for the first time and instantly falls in love with it. He then sets out to inform the rest of the jungle before Christmas Eve is over.


After hearing his sister doesn’t believe in Santa, Nicolás and his cat, Canela, work all through the night, building and setting traps for Santa. He is determined to take a picture of Santa, but things immediately don’t go as planned for him and Canela.


Santa has just finished packing all the Christmas presents for all the good boys and girls around the world when he is attacked by a group of scary enemies. It’s all the halloween monsters and the Franken-snowman! He and the elves desperately fight back to save Christmas. But he fears he may be too late.


Life for a stray dog isn’t easy, especially during the Christmas season. Our poor friend wonders the street, hungry and alone. And every corner he turns he is met with only trouble. He retreats to sleep at a Christmas tree lot when he hears the yells of the parents of a lost little girl. Will he be able to find her before trouble finds her?

Available November 20, 2020

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