Brian Monge resides in Southern MD where he has lived in for the majority of his life.  He spends most of his days helping his father out with the family business.  When he is not assisting in the family business, or volunteering at the local animal shelter and/or veterans home, he enjoys writing poetry for his book.

Brian Monge uses his past experiences as inspiration for his writing.  His exposure to the world of drugs, jail, and conflicts in the family business have shaped his ability to create raw stories, with a heartfelt narrative, that engages with the readers.  His growth in character over years is well presented in his writing and is constantly growing.

His ultimate dream is to open up a sanctuary for dogs who in normal circumstances; whether they can’t find a home, are not suitable for the normal household, or just need somewhere to live the rest of their days, he could provide a place for these dogs.  His passion is to write and connect at an intimate level with his readers, but his purpose in life is to help out people and dogs in need.