Some people choose to run from their past.  Some people choose to let their mistakes define and limit them as their only identity.  I choose to utilize the errors of my past as a learning lesson.  And although at times I am guilty of letting it define me; letting the stigma of an alcoholic become my only identity, I know I am much more than that.   Mistakes and sins can become an anchor; only if you allow them.  And in order to grow as a person, it is essential to take the time to evaluate and learn as much about yourself.  Accept both the good and bad that makes you who you are.  Accept the fact that many more mistakes will be made, but without them, there will be no growth or wisdom gained.  Accept that there is more to you than just the failures committed.  Accept that there will always be others watching and ridiculing you, but they are essential too; to motivate and witness your growth and success.    

It was important for me to write this book.   I am the last person to put my personal business out there.  Exposing my own mistakes, stupid decisions  and irresponsible choices I have made, can lead to brutal judgement and being misunderstood.  Most would avoid to be placed in a vulnerable position, and I would too, but I understand that the journey I have been through can have the power to help others who are on their own trying journey right now.  

I am proud to be able to stand here and share my story.  

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Second poetry book. Coming soon Winter 2020

My first children’s Christmas book. With 4 stories and amazing illustration! Coming Winter 2020.